Welcome to Workplace Café!  Thank you for choosing us to be your partner for productivity. We will certainly strive to provide you with a good work place in a great coffee shop experience. In order for us to uphold our mission successfully, kindly read thoroughly the following term and conditions. 

Acceptance of Terms 

By registering your name, you agree that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the “terms and conditions” as stated in this agreement, for the whole duration of your stay inside the café. 


Working Hours: 

Monday to Sunday, it is from 8:00am to 8:00am the next day. This is subject to change without prior notice as per Workplace Café`s official operating hours. 



Upon entering the café, you are required to check your registered name and choice of stay (either hourly pass, daily pass, weekly pass, monthly pass, meeting or huddle room reservations) in the reception. 

 Below are the definitions of the time stay. All charges are per person basis. 

Hourly Pass - Constituting one hour from the time started. Additional hours of stay are charged accordingly. 

Day Pass - Constituting the whole current official operating hours in one working day. This is nontransferable, and non-cumulative in unused. The day pass rate may also availed if you will be working 8 hours or more. To lessen system void and errors, kindly assess your needs and register the correct time rate upon log in. 

Weekly Pass - Constituting 7days consecutive days (inclusive of holidays and standard non-operating days). No extensions are done for weekly with holidays. This is non-transferable to another client or another month if unused. 

Monthly Pass – Constituting 30 consecutive days (inclusive of holidays and standard none operating days). No extensions are done for months with holidays. This is non-transferable to another client or another month if unused. 

Meeting and Huddle room – Constituting one hour from the time started. Additional hours of stay are charged accordingly. 

  • Monthly member has an additional benefit of having locker for the duration of the lease depending on the availability.  

  • Refundable security deposit for the locker key worth Php 100.00 is entitled upon registration for weekly and monthly. 

  • You will be given a customer number upon registration which corresponds to your record in the system. The customer number will be surrendered to the reception upon check out. 

  • If your customer number is lost, you will be asked to pay a customer number replacement fee of 200 pesos and provide proof of identification to validate your record in the log sheet. You will be given 15 days to return the lost item for a full refund after which the fee is forfeited.  Likewise, damaged and/or tampered customer number is subject to a replacement fee. 

  • Every customer is required to have an individual number while staying inside the cafe. If you have a guest waiting for you, then he/she may do it outside the café`, or else he/she needs to register for seat lease. 

  • Inquiries from non-registered clients are catered by the Café Crew. A free brief tour of the place for those who are inquiring may be done by our staff. 



  • For hourly pass, huddle and meeting room, customer must pay in advance through online for the 1st hour and succeeding payment will be done upon check out.  

  • For day pass, weekly and monthly rate, payment will be done upon reservation. 


Cancellation and Refunds: 

  • The café does not provide refund of time rates due to sudden change of mind. Refund will only apply if the cafe is not able to fulfill its service, like no internet, power outage, or no available seats for you. Refund of food or drinks order is allowed only for out of stock items, or verified poor food or drink quality. 

  • Slow internet speed does not automatically entitle you for a refund as this is usually caused by the service provider. 
    Rate Inclusions: 

  • Your lease payment includes the use of one (1) open seating working space inside the café, internet connectivity and use of power outlets. This is applicable for Hourly and Day pass only. 

  • You are given one complimentary cup of brewed coffee or a glass of iced tea for every stay in the cafe. For monthly customers, one cup of brewed coffee or iced tea per day only. 

  • Complimentary beverages that are unclaimed will be forfeited upon end of business day. 

  • Additional food, beverage and meeting room usage are available for order on a separate fee. 

  • Ordering handcrafted beverage will entitle you to a 1 hour free pass deductible to your current total hourly fee. This free 1 hour is only applicable to hourly rate customers. 

  • Monthly membership is limited in slots to allow Day Pass and Hourly Pass customers have access to the coworking experience. 

  • Monthly member has an additional benefit of having a locker for the duration of the lease depending on the availability. 

  • Parking space is available. The cafe is not responsible to any damages caused to your car. 



  • You agree to use the facility with utmost care and diligence to avoid damaging any of the property inside the cafe. Property damage will be handled to a per case to case basis. 

  • You agree not to cause any disturbance to other customers in the cafe. This may be in the form of excessive noise or physical disturbance, disturbing others work, soliciting, harassing, stalking, threatening other customers or staff,  creating a scandalous scenario or any other things that violate the legal rights of others while inside the cafe. The cafe has the right to eject and ban you if found to be a nuisance. You have the responsibility to settle all your payable regardless of circumstance. 

  • You agree that you are not working on any illegal activities while inside the cafe, including but not limited to: porn, hacking, extortion, illegal gambling, illegal file downloads, spamming, pyramid schemes, etc. Workplace is not related to you and is not liable in any legal case to any of your crimes and has the right to report you to legal authorities if found. 


Privacy, Safety, and Security: 

  • Your privacy is important to us. We will not be divulging your name or other personal information written in the log sheet. We also are not and will not be recording or observing any of your internet footprint. CCTVs are used for security purposes only and not for spying on you. 

  • You agree not to tamper or hack the cafe’s network system. This includes but not limited to hacking the system to enjoy a faster speed which is depriving other customer’s internet experience, taking access to other customer’s files, tampering with our server etc. If found guilty, we will press legal actions against you and will claim monetary damages equal to the lost income plus attorney fees. 

  • You are responsible for all your valuables. The cafe is not responsible for any loss or damage to your property due to such negligence. 

  • CCTV records are available, if you need a copy of for security review purposes, please secure a police blotter and the review will be with them. 

  • Drugs, smoking, bringing hazardous and flammable materials and heavy intoxication is not allowed inside the cafe. 

  • Any delay or failure to open the cafe or give good service of the cafe shall be excused without any refund if and to the extent caused by the occurrence of Force Majeure. For purposes of this agreement “Force Majeure” shall be defined as any circumstance not within the reasonable control of Workplace cafe despite the exercise of reasonable diligence; circumstances to include but not limited to: fire, flood, acts of God, hurricanes, riots, war, vandalism or theft. 

  • You also give the cafe permission to use your likeness in photographs taken while in the cafe to be used for marketing purposes. You waive your right to any compensation or royalties. 

  • For further questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to approach our staff. 

  • Thank you for the time. Your success is ours, and we aim to make your stay as enjoyable and productive as possible. 
    We are glad to be #WorkingWithYou!